Missing Empire and the Brattiness of Non-Baseball Fans

Sports and culture collide on a regular basis and this instance isn’t any different.

Many people just wanted to watch the hit show, Empire, tonight and their dreams won’t come true. The Chicago Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians last night in a 9-3 victory, delaying the new episode another week further. Of course, many people had a reaction to not being able to see their favorite show and others just watched the World Series to see if their would be an airing of the episode this week:


Previous to this week, fans of the show complained about the World Series…




My Reaction

Let me completely frank here. Although I am a fan of both the MLB and Empire, non-baseball fans get pretty annoying. Just hush and let us enjoy baseball being in the spotlight for once. I get that this show means a lot to you, but is it really more important than two teams making history, especially the Cubs, who haven’t won a World Series in over 100 years? Or the Indians who haven’t won one since 1945 and just look at Cleveland… It’s a Rust Belt city, they need all of the love that they can get.

I guess not. However, I do see some parts of their argument. They may say, “FOX has two sports channels. So, why can’t they show the World Series on there?” Contractual obligations my friends. The World Series has been on FOX for way longer than Empire. Also, sports = big moneymaker. I guarantee that more people around the world are watching the World Series than they would be watching Empire or any other regular television show for that matter.

Think about the children in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico Mexico, United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Venezuela, Colombia, so on and so forth, who are watching this game. Think about the familial relationships of the kids and their parents, grandparents, siblings or relatives watching the game. Think about yours truly, as I sit here and type about this outrageous episode in the monotony of life…

Back to what I was saying, just suck it up. Empire can wait one more week. Us baseball fans are just excited, can we at least enjoy our sport for once, without getting overshadowed by the NFL or an overrated television show? I’m looking at you Walking Dead. Besides the entirety of this situation, you have pure NFL fans that try to overshadow baseball. The NFL has lost its luster. The hits are almost gone, games are high-scoring and boring to old-school fans. Oh yeah and the World Series beat out Sunday Night Football.

Now let’s talk about this arrogant guy right here. Joe Browne is his name. He was the longest-tenured employee in the NFL, serving for 50 years in the NFL league office. He also served in the United States Marine Corps. Before I get to criticizing his comments, I want to say:

Thank you for your service sir. It is much appreciated.

Now let’s break down his irrational criticism of God’s sport: baseball.

Let’s see Mr. Browne, the equivalent of scoring 7 runs in baseball is like scoring 49 points in football. Its hard to grind out 49 points in the first half, am I correct? I played both sports once upon a time. It is not easy giving up seven runs and having to come back. Sometimes it is possible, sometimes it isn’t, but I’m pretty sure that an NFL fan base would get demoralized after giving up SEVEN touchdowns. Don’t be so dense sir. Geez.

See, this is why I get annoyed by people who don’t watch baseball, know how the games work or don’t know the history behind baseball, having commentary on the game. When they don’t have any clue on what they are talking about, they immediately jump to criticism.

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