So Where Did Tommy Work?

The untimely death of Thomas Mikal Ford has brought his beloved character Tommy Strawn back into the spotlight. There is one question that has always bugged fans of Martin though, where does Tommy work?

Now Tommy’s job has always been a point of contention among fans of the show. Personally, I just assumed he was some kind of secret agent. I decided to ask some members of the TDT team what they thought Tommy’s job was though just to see where everybody’s head was at.

“He worked at ya grandmother house.” – Devtommy-strawn

An okay guess from Dev…moving on

“Tommy was a Fed. This man was Martin’s boy but he always had an eye over his shoulder like he was guilty. But at the same time he cared about his friends and did right by them when push came to shove. He was highly intelligent and he seemed to be the voice of reason during arguments. CIA Agent” – Kyle

This was the closest thing to my secret agent theory, I was thinking closer to James Bond but CIA works too.

“He ain’t have a job” – Tex

Tex would have fit right in on the cast with that answer.

“I heard he did ACN” – Joel


Believe it or not though we got an answer from Tommy himself back in 2015!

In a 2016 interview, Tisha Campbell-Martin confirmed Tommy’s occupation

That’s right, Tommy Strawn worked for the Boys & Girls Club. This occupation seems a little shaky considering some of the benefits that came from his job during the show such as company cars and blow torches, but hey what do I know?

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