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If you’re a basketball fan this week’s What To Watch On Netflix will definitely be right up your alley or if you’re a 2K17 player I guess you could say right in your park. Get it? Bad joke. Eh I’m not a comedian for a reason. Anyway, everyone knows that Allen Iverson was recently inducted into The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall Of Fame. With that being said it’s only right to brush up on your facts and watch “Iverson” this weekend.

This documentary shares the struggles and achievements of the NBA icon throughout his career. Allen Iverson played 14 seasons in the NBA as a point guard and shooting guard. He played most notably for the Philadelphia 76ers twice, while also having stints with the Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, and Memphis Grizzlies . He received several awards throughout his career such as NBA Rookie of the Year, NBA Most Valuable Player as well as NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player, just to name a few. Iverson’s play style, highlighted by his signature crossover, combined with his unique personality made him a defining figure in sports history. The tats, the braids, and the attitude made every one of his games must see.

As you can see just from that brief description, Allen Iverson did a lot to become an NBA icon. I could go on and on telling you fact after fact, but why would I do that whenyou can go watch “Iverson” on Netflix!! Learn something this weekend that you might not have known about The Answer, Allen Iverson and let us know something cool you found out!

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