Kicks & Coffee (9/20) Six Sneakers You Need In Your Fall Rotation

With summer coming to a close, it’s about time to switch up those outfit colors; out go the bright colors of summer, in come your navy’s, burgundy’s, olive’s, and so on. With that being said, it’s only right that your footwear of choice match to compliment the change in the seasons. I came up with five sneakers I’ll be wearing this fall that you can look for as your find the right outfit pieces to suit you this upcoming season.


Air Jordan Bred 1s

You could make the argument that these are essential in any sneaker rotation of any season. A pair of Jordan 1s is always essential in any closet, so if you’re looking for a red and black show this fall, look no further.

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“C’mon Jus’, we don’t wanna wear no FILAs.” Now, before you jump to that, hear me out. Beige is definitely a marque color for the fall, and it’s not as easy to find as you may assume so. However, it goes with everything and, in my opinion, looks better than just going with a white sneaker; it pops more, it doesn’t get as dirty as quickly. You may not want to rock FILAs because you don’t want to try anything new to invest your money in, and that’s OK. I got my pair for $20 though, and they go with everything from olive to navy. They look great on feet and are a great option if you’re willing to try something new (or old, in this case).


Air Jordana Bordeaux 7s

Remember those navy’s, burgundy’s, and olive’s I mentioned? Depending on the make-up of the tongue on your pair, this could be the perfect shoe for any fall outfit. Matter of fact, if you can get your hand on a pair of these, that may be all you need for the whole fall.



The pair pictured year are a collaboration Wale did with sneaker retailer VILLA. My pair is still recovering from the beating I gave them last fall and I may end up investing in another pair just because of how comfortable they are and how great they look on feet. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with Asics. They have simple colorways you can walk into your local shoe store and grab for everyday wear or something like this with an added pop if you’re really feeling brave.


New Balance

Nothing screams “it’s fall” like a good pair of New Balance; 990’s, 530’s, 580’s, 998’s, 990’s, any model for that matter. The pair pictured above is a collab with Ronnie Fieg that I have my eyes on that may be in my closet sooner than latter, but you don’t even have to get that fancy. From a solid colorway of the 998’s to some grey 990’s, you’re doing it wrong without a pair of New Balance in your closet this fall.


adidas Ultra Boost

This pick would be the NMDs, but I don’t think they’ll hold up quite as well as the Ultra Boost over the fall months. Either way, adidas and their boost technology is a must if you know anything about the comfort. One of these days, when I’m satisfied with an NMD colorway I’m able to get my hands on or willing to break the bank for some Ultra Boost, I’ll have some boost in my rotation as well.

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