The Daily Skanj: Episode 1

Today is a new day here a The Demo Tape. We now have our first podcast finished. It is titled: The Daily Skanj. For those of you who don’t know what “Skanj” is, its an inside joke between myself and my co-host, Alex Born.

To give a background on the both of us, we attended Mount Saint Joseph High School in Baltimore, Maryland. Our school is known for our athletes such as, Kyle Fuller (Chicago Bears, cornerback), Mark Teixeira (New York Yankees, First Baseman), Phil Booth (Villanova Wildcats, Guard and recent Natl. Champion) and a multitude of other players.

Today, we bring you multiple topics:

  1. Young MLB Players Who We Would Build Around
  2. Bryce Harper’s “Meltdown”
  3. Steph Curry’s Repeat Championship Aspirations
  4. Western Conference Semifinals Predictions
  5. KD2DC?
  6. Finals Predictions

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